A Yacht Charter Broker’s 5 Best Snorkel Sites in the BVI

A Yacht Charter Broker's 5 Best Snorkel Sites in the BVI

When choosing a yacht charter broker for your Caribbean holiday, make sure you get to sail to these fabulous BVI snorkel sites.

1 Long Bay – Virgin Gorda

This north facing beach on Virgin Gorda is surrounded by beautiful reef. You have a choice of arriving by boat or by car access through Nail Bay Virgin Gorda. There are 3 dive sites in this location also. You can expect to see lots of healthy Brain Corals and Common Sea Fans in both purple and green colors. Fish are plentiful at this site, Orange Spotted File Fish, Parrot Fish, Smooth Trunk Fish, French Grunts and you should also see Caribbean Reef Squid.

2 Eustatia Reef – Virgin Gorda

This snorkel site is only accessible by dinghy. Tie to the mooring buoy or anchor your dinghy.   Here you can expect to see Porcupine Fish, lots of Spotlight Parrot Fish, it’s also a Conch breeding ground and if you’re lucky a Spotted Eagle Ray swimming by.

3 Great Harbour Peter Island

Either swim from your yacht or tie your dinghy to one of the mooring buoys. Not only do you have Reef Fish at this location, but it is also a breeding ground for thousands of tiny Sprats. So as you snorkel a long the bay Pelicans and Brown Boobys with dive in to catch the Sprats. You’ll expect to see plenty of Reef Fish including Sergeant Major, Blue Tangs, Parrot Fish, Saucereye Porgies and if you’re lucky large Tarpon.

4 White Bay Peter Island

This beautiful white beach has reef to either side of it. Anchor outside of the no-swim area and then snorkel around either headland, watching out for any current. Around these rocky headlands you will see Green Turtles, Blue Tangs, Redlip Blennies and great rocky topography.

5 Benures Bay Norman Island

This bay has 3 patches of good reef joined up by shingle beach. Swimming around the bay starting from the east most reef first you will see Yellow & Blue Headed Wrasse, Doctor and Surgeon Fish & Turtles. As you join the shingle beach area you will come across hundreds of Sprats with Pelicans diving in for their dinner, if you look closely you can also see Jaw Fish in this area. Then you come to the middle reef where you can see my favorite Scrawled File Fish, Smooth Trunk Fish, Scrawled Cow Fish & Squirrel Fish. Then you swim over a sunken dinghy off the beach with more Sprats, and you come to the third section of the reef where you see lots of Common Sea Fans Purple in color and Stag and Elk Horn Coral which is home to the Yellow Tailed Damsel Fish.