Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Create the perfect guest bedroom retreat for your overnight guests. Include baskets of toiletries, personal items and luxury linens.

Entertaining is not just about hosting parties and serving dinner at your home. Another part of sharing your hospitality is the manner in which you welcome guests into your home. Overnight guests should be made to feel welcome, and you can accomplish that by creating a guest bedroom retreat. Imagine your favourite hotel and recall what accouterments were placed in your guestroom. You can recreate that same luxury on a smaller scale in your own home, making your own guest bedroom retreat.

If you can spare a room to be dedicated to a guest room, great; otherwise, consider creating a double-duty room; i.e. guest room combined with home office, craft room, or library. Remember that a comfortable bed is your first priority; Don’t skimp on linens or pillows. It’s also a nice idea to include a small TV in the room, so that your guests can catch up on the news or their favourite late night show without taking over the family TV.

Also, include a small side table with a lamp and an alarm clock. With the advent of cell phones, a land line is no longer needed in a guest room.

Luxury Items
Put together a small basket of bath items and toiletries: You can include travel sizes of hairspray, soap, dental floss, deodorant, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, talc, Q-tips, and even a new toothbrush. Make sure to refresh this basket for each new guest
You can also put together a basket to keep in the bedroom, which will include the following items: some interesting and current magazines, a spiritual book, a fiction novel, several bottles of water, a pencil or pen, a notepad, tourist information and a map of your general area.

The toiletries basket mentioned above could be placed in the bathroom if this room will be solely for your guest’s use. Otherwise, place the basket in the bedroom, along with a bath towel & hand towel
If your guests will be staying for more than 3 days, you can also place a small wicker laundry basket in the bathroom or bedroom. This feature is very convenient for longer-term guests, who may need to wash their clothes during their visit.

Follow these suggestions, and your guests will think that they’re staying at a high-end resort!