Tips For Keeping a Tidy and Clean Home

Tips For Keeping a Tidy and Clean Home

How to Eliminate Clutter and Maintain a Tidy Home

Between work, cooking and making sure the kids get where they need to go, there never seems to be enough time to keep a clean home. Having a good plan is the answer.

It is not as difficult as it may seem to keep a home that is well organized, tidy and clean. But it will not happen overnight. In order to keep any home this way, a home must be stripped of all the unnecessary clutter that has been allowed to accumulate and given a good spring cleaning, and it does not have to be spring to do it.

Spring Cleaning

A proper spring cleaning is not just washing windows or re-stacking boxes of old clothing and personal items that are already long forgotten. Spring cleaning is a time to purge. A time to get rid of stuff that no one has worn or used for long periods of time.

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task in some homes, so it is wise to set realistic goals before you begin. Make a list of everything that must be done and be sure to stick to the list. If the family schedule is hectic It might take two or even three weekends to complete, but in the end, the home will be a beautiful blank canvas to work with.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Before cleaning begins, always know what is to be done with unwanted items. Make piles of items to donate, keep and throw away. Holding a garage sale is another good way to get rid of unwanted household goods. After a list of jobs has been made, make sure that all the necessary tools are at the ready. For example plastic bins or cardboard boxes (and a permanent marker), plastic garbage bags, mops, buckets, rubber gloves and cleaning rags.

Always clean one room at a time. Running back and forth from room to room wastes time and things are often overlooked. When a room is completely cleaned, remove all of your supplies and move on to the next room.
If the weather is nice on cleaning day be sure to open as many doors and windows as you can. The fresh air will help to boost morale and energy as well as giving the house a good airing out.

Multi-task whenever possible. Make sure that all of the bedding, curtains and throw rugs that need to be washed are in either the washer, dryer or laundry line while the rooms where they belong are being cleaned. This way when the rooms are finished, they can be replaced right away.

Keeping It Clean

Now that the house has been stripped of all unnecessary clutter, it will be much easier to keep it tidy and clean. Some jobs need to be done daily, while others only have to be done monthly.

Things That Need to be Done Daily

Making sure that small things are done each day will help to keep things looking as nice as the day the house was spring cleaned.

Please note that although some chores do not have to be done daily, dusting, changing sheets, scouring sinks and toilet bowls, vacuuming and washing floors should be done at least once weekly.


Remove and put away all toiletry and personal items from the counter.
Wash out any ring in the bathtub and straighten up shampoos etc.
Rinse any hair or toothpaste from the sink. Wipe off sink and counter.
Wipe down the toilet (the bowl should be done at least once each week).
Straighten mats and towels.


Wipe down / Windex table, fridge doors, stove top, counters and small appliances.
Load dishwasher or wash dishes by hand and put away.
Sweep or vacuum floor and spot clean any spills with a damp rag.

Living / Family Rooms

Fluff up and straighten throw pillows and cushions.
Pick up anything noticeable from floors and carpets.
Straighten books, papers, and magazines.


Look into getting fitted furniture for plenty of storage.
Put dirty laundry into hampers.
Clear personal items from bedside tables and dressers.
Make beds and fluff up pillows.

Things to be Done Monthly

Monthly cleaning is like spring cleaning on a much smaller scale. There will probably be no need to sort through boxes and bins, but it gives a little more attention places in the home where more clutter or grime is allowed to build up over the course of the month.


Scrub tile and grout with a cleanser and a stiff brush, rinse it hot water and buff dry.
Wash fabric shower curtains or replace plastic ones.
Clean out ventilation fans.


Use a de-greasing cleaner to clean stove and range hood.
Clean out the contents of the fridge and wipe down the inside.
Clean light fixtures.
Wipe down table and chair legs.
Scrub out garbage bin.
Windex windows.
Living / Family Rooms
Clean out the fireplace and clean screen.
Vacuum upholstery, curtains.
Move furniture and vacuum.
Vacuum all electronic equipment.
Clean light fixtures.


Vacuum under beds.
Vacuum curtains ( or tumble in dryer to refresh)
Flip mattress.
Change duvet cover or wash the comforter.
Windex all glass and mirrors.
Tidy closet and drawers.